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VIDEO: Higher, Faster, Stronger. Doctors Do the Trick

The Olympic Creed also applies in the field of medicine. As the knowledge of the human genes are developing, new ways to enhance the body’s performance through illegal measures are increasing, says German professor Dr. Perikles Simon.

That demands a completely re-designed test system which is supported by an international network of laboratories that add in data on the athletes.

View video for the full story.


Video: William Bock Warns Not to Look the Other Way

William Bock
William Bock talked monday at Play the Game about doping in cycling. Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/PlaytheGame

Yesterday at Play the Game, the attorney who tripped Lance Armstrong, William Bock, warned not to look the other way when it comes to doping problems.

If you did not see William Bock yesterday, you have the chance to see the highlights here.



Profile: The Attorney who Tripped Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong has lost his seven Tour de France victories after admitting doping. This is from 2005 where he won the Tour for the fifth time. Photo: Ullisan/Flickr

The biggest doping scandal for years came to light when former bike riders from the US Postal team admitted the use of doping.

Behind the case stood the American anti doping agency USADA. The lead attorney in the investigation was William Bock who will be speaking at Play The Game 2013.

Since 2007, Bock has been General Counsel with USADA. Among other duties, he is also a member of the Doping Panel in the international swimming federation, FINA.

Lance Armstrong is stripped of all victories

The investigation meant that Lance Armstrong was stripped of all his seven Tour de France wins. The American athlete later admitted to have used doping during all wins.

In an interview with Crain’s Detroit Business, William Bock mentioned an interview of the bike rider David Zabriskie during the investigation as extraordinary remarkable.

“He (Zabriskie) talked about the first time he used (performance-enhancing drugs) and that he went back to his room and cried,” William Bock said.

First tweet from Armstrong after losing his Tour de France titles.

Bock involved in case against Justin Gatling

In the interview, William Bock outlines this as an event during the investigation he will never forget.

Among other prominent cases in William Bock’s career is the one against the former Olympic gold medalist in 100 meters, Justin Gatlin. He received a four year ban from athletics.

William Bock will be speaking at Play the Game on Monday at about 4 PM.