Nearly Half of the EU Citizens Living Alone Don’t Play Sports

A recent report from the EU shows that there is a strong link between personal finances, education and family situation when it comes to participating in sports.

64 % of people who left the education-system after primary school at the age of 15 say they never play any sports. This is divided between 39 % in the 16-19 age group and 24 % in the +20 age group.

As higher levels of education are linked with better standards of living, the data suggests that more highly educated EU citizens equate physical fitness with quality of life.

Bigger families, more sport 
Another interesting factor is the number of people in households, because it provides greater opportunity for playing sport. 47 % of people who live alone do no participate in sports, whereas the result in a household of four or more is only 32 %.

EU-citizens who struggle to pay the bills lso struggle with sports. 56 % of people who have a hard time paying their bills don’t do sports, whereas the result is 35 % in the groups who are well off financially.

A cost benefit anlalysis is needed

According to researcher Karen Petry from German Sport University Cologne we need to engage the groups who are less well off educationally and financially in sports.

“Sport can help keep people out of crime, and get you into education. We really need a cost benefit analysis of sports programs, to see what the overall benefit to society is really is.”

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