Get Up and do Some Sports! Inactivity can Kill You

People from the Nordic countries are the most active people in the EU. Photo: pixeldefinition/Flickr
People from the Nordic countries are the most active people in the EU. Photo: Pixeldefinition/Flickr

Sports is the key to maintain a healthy population, now and in the future.

But according to Margaret Talbot from the International Council of Sports Science and Physical Education, very little attention and money is spent on sports in the nations of the world compared to other major expenditures such as education.

It has been predicted that inactivity causes an estimated of 300,000 deaths each year in America alone, and in the UK one in five men, and one in eight women, die prematurely from coronary heart disease.

Millions of diabetics in India

In nations with large populations these numbers are swelling, e.g. India, where the numbers of diabetics increase incrementally every year.

Today India is home to a staggering 62 million diabetics.

In China one in four adults is pre-diabetic or diabetic, which will be an enormous strain on the medical infrastructure in the future.

Nordic countries is taking the lead

The Nordic countries are among the most physically active countries in the EU, whereas the Southeastern countries are in the far other end of the scale.

In Sweden, 72 percent of the population is exercising regularly, meaning once a week or more.

The Finnish people are in a close second with the Danes in third place.

Scandinavia versus EU
In comparison Bulgaria, Greece and Italy have the fewest citizens being physically active on a regular basis with, a mere 3 percent, according to a study from the European Commission on sport and physical activity in the EU from 2010.

In total the majority of the EU citizens get some physical exercise at least once a week with 65 percent in all of the EU.

Not too surprisingly young men and women in the age group 15-24 are the most active of the EU-citizens, with young men tending to exercise considerably more than young woman.

You can see the whole report in this link.

Or you can watch this video about that the lazy youth risk their health.



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