Sports Governance Observer: A Tool to Secure Transparency and Accountability

In a world where big money can be made by match-fixers and corrupted masterminds, the need for democratic representation, accountability and transparency is even more important.

Therefore a group of researchers collaborated on a joint venture, and created a tool to improve governance in sports.

We need to help the sports organizations to create good governance,” Arnout Geeraerts, PhD Student and co-researcher on the Action for Good Governance in International Sports Organisations, stated on Tuesday’s workshop at the Play the Game 2013 conference.

Four main domains

According to the researchers there are four main domains of good governance – transparency and public communication, democratic process, checks and balances and solidarity distributed on 47 indicators.

When identifying governance in a specific sports organization all 47 indicators have to be taken into account, and are given a 1-5 score in a scoring system showing the level of governance and transparency.

Although the sports governance observer is still under development, Tuesday’s workshop at Play the Game 2013 showed a great consensus about its eligibility in the fight against the lack of good governance.

Next step is a big review 

“Not much has been done when it comes to international sports governance,” Arnout Geeraerts noted.

The next step for the sports governance observer is to review 35 big global actors.

See the full version and learn more about the AGGIS Sports Governance Observer on

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