Smartphones Could be New Safe Haven for Whistleblowers

Players can now report match-fixing on their smartphine. Foto: steefafa/flickr
Players can now report match-fixing on their smartphine. Photo: steefafa/flickr

A lot of initiatives to combat match-fixing are seeing the daylight these days. And according to Harri Syväsalmi, director of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, there is a need for that.

That is why he hails the invention of a smartphone app called ”Don’t fix it.” The initiative is funded by the European Union, and it is coordinated by FIFPro.

It can only be downloaded by athletes who can anonymously submit information, if the have suspicion about match-fixing.

Big success – yet still no cases

“We have visited every club in the top three tiers in the mens league, and the top two tiers of the womens league”, says Markus Juhola the chairman of the Finnish Players Union.

The app has been downloaded 1.300 times, which is an overwhelming majority of the roughly 1.600 players in Finland

Eight countries are involved at the moment, but so far nothing has come out of the five to six reported cases.

Many cases in Finland

It is no coincidence, that Finland is one of the countries, where the app is now being tested. They received a major wake up call back in 2005, and there has been several cases since.

Back then the football club AC Allianssi lost suspiciously 8-0 to FC Haka. But a police investigation failed to find enough evidence to open a case.

”In 2005 it was very chaotic. Neither the police, nor anybody else knew what to do”, says Petri Heikkinen from the Finish Sport Federation.

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