Match-fixing on the Political Agenda: What can EU do?

Danish MEP, Morten Loekkegaard, is shocked about the extends of matchfixing
Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

Over the recent years matchfixing has become a serious matter for The European Union. But with matchfixing being a subsidiary national matter, the possibilities to intertwine politics and sport are limited.

According to the Danish MEP Morten Løkkegaard transparency is the way to fight matchfixing

“The extends of matchfixing is a shock for all of us. It’s all about telling the stories and getting them out in the light. In that way matchfixing gets the political attention,” says Morten Løkkegaard, who applauds the presence of organizations like PlayTheGame.

Matchfixing hits the political agenda

In december last year matchfixing hit the political spotlight, and for the first time it was truly on the political agenda at a top meeting.

Hopefully that’s not the last time, Morten Løkkegaard stated.

“The top meeting gave us some useful conclusions and directions to the committee and the EU nations on our work in the future,” says Morten Løkkegaard.

Naming and shaming the badguys

According to Morten Løkkegaard it’s hard to predict, when we will see a measurable impact by the cooperation between the EU and the organizations fighting the matchfixing.

But he is completely aware of, what is needed.

“We need to create transparency and force the organizations to be cooperative. And we can do that, by naming and shaming those, who neglect democracy and transparacy,” Morten Løkkegaard adds.

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