Former NBA-Player: The Anti-doping System is Problematic for the Athletes

Walter Palmer, former NBA-player, attacks the inefficiency of the anti-doping system. Photo: Arnela Muminovic

How should we prevent athletes to use doping in sports in the future? That is on of the biggest topics at the Play The Game-conference in Aarhus.

The former NBA-player and current Head og Department for UNI Sport Pro, Walter Palmer,  belives that there is a doping problem.

But no one knows how big it is – not even WADA. And therefore the athletes a paying a price.

Ineffective anti-doping system a burden for athletes

According to Palmer the anti-doping system from WADA is problematic because the system has not been based om evidence up until this point.

”At the moment we do not know if the athletes are being tested too much. The big issue is that we don’t know what the problem is, and how should we find a solution then? We are operating on a assumption, and maybe it is a valid assumption. But we don’t know how widespread it is and that is a problem for the athletes, who are carrying a heavy burden.”

Up to WADA to define the problem

Therefore WADA has to put a lot of effort to fix the existing program and make it better.

”WADA has declared itself being responsible. It has been giving powers and it creates rules. So if you do that, you have to know that you are doing it right. Are we spending the 350 million dollars on testing in the best way? Maybe there are other ways you could do it better and reduce cheating,” Palmer said.

” A good example is the US Postal case. It was a very important investigation and it’s great that they caught Armstrong. But it doesn’t say much about the testing program, and that’s what we are talking about. He wasn’t caught with a test,” Palmer concludes.

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