Declan Hill: Young Players are Not the Problem in Match-Fixing

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Match-fixing is not as big a problem among younger players as you might think. However it is a problem among players over 30 years, says Declan Hill. Photo: Simon Tordrup.

According to one of the world’s leading experts on match-fixing, investigative journalist Declan Hill, it is players over 30 years of age who are responsible for the biggest part of the match-fixing problem.

This goes against the common conception in many countries and agencies.

The common perception is that match-fixers prey on young and impressionable players, but according to Declan Hill, the problems are biggest with players over 30 who are not getting their salaries on time. And he has the data to back it up.

Old players are cynical

While young players who match-fix are often misguided and naive, the match-fixing players over 30, are seasoned and cynical. According to Declan Hill, they know the drill.

“If you go and tell these players that match-fixing is wrong and they should not do it, they are gonna say ‘fuck you. Show me that you care about me not getting paid instead’,” says Declan Hill.

Declan Hill also mentioned the case of Mario Cizmek, which was presented on Monday. In that case, the match-fixers only approached the older players and in fact, the young players were not allowed in.

Red flags

In his speech on Tuesday, Declan Hill mentioned the existence of some red flags in the fight against matchfixing. One of them was that primarily young players match-fix.

“This is not true,” Declan Hill commented.

According to a study he presented at his speech, the frequency of match-fixing for the first time rises with age, with players over 30 dominating the chart.

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