The Perfect Storm: Betting Fraud and Match-Fixing

According to Chris Eaton of the ICSS, the conditions of the modern world constitutes the perfect circumstances for betting fraud and match-fixing and this opens a gateway for organized crime into the sports world.

In the future maybe even terrorism could be funded through illegal gambling.

“The big economies involved in sports betting is locally regulated, where they should be globally regulated. Action is needed, and quickly. Terrorists have adopted a lot of practices from organized crime, who’s to say when they will adopt match fixing and betting fraud. ”

A billion dollar business
The illegal gambling markets shifts somewhere between 365 billion and 1000 billion a year, according to Chris Rasmussen from the World Lottery association.

It is a completely micro-transaction driven economy, both locally and internationally, which makes the need for an international united governing body even more pressing.

The worst threat to sport
Chris Eaton considers match fixing to be the worst threat to sports, because it injects a criminal element into sport.

“Doping is terrible, but it is still cheating to win. Match-fixing is cheating to lose, and it finances organized crime and fuels violence,” he says.

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