PtG-Opening Session: “Sport Needs a Critical Debate”

Play the Game is now officially opened.

A variety of people took the stage during the opening session, and many highlighted the need for an open and honest debate about the conditions of sport worldwide.

“If we want to protect the values and the potential of sport, sport needs to be subject of a critical debate on and off the field,” PtG-chairman Johs. Poulsen stated.




Can hold position for life

Another speaker was Play the Games international director Jens Sejer Andersen. He as well addressed the need for more transparency in sport.

“There is a worldwide demand for better governance in sport,” Sejer Andersen said and then referred to the fact that many leaders of international sports organisation hold their position for years.

“Once you are elected president of an international organisation you are given access to tools that makes you able to hold the position for life. That is not right.”

Need for governance

Other speakers at the opening session was Danish MEP Morten Løkkegaard, alderman Marc Perera Christensen and Belgian PhD Student Arnout Geeraert.

Løkkegaard has called for a European center for the fight against match fixing, which was turned down in Bruxelles.

On the same note, field work from Arnout Geeraert showed that there is a huge need for better governance in world sport. For instance, in only three of 18 organisations the movement of funds was transparent.

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